Opening for poster presentations

The congress venue will be open on Wednesday at 12:00 for the poster presentations. It will remain open until Sunday 22:00.

Wednesday, February 10

17:00 – 18:30           Meeting of the DVG group 

                                 Reproductive Medicine, PD Dr. Heppelmann, Hannover

18:30 – 20:00           Poster Slam, Dr. Herrera, UZH

                                    Poster GEG19 - Carla Gutierrez
                                    Sperm subpopulations defined by computer-assisted

                                    sperm analysis as predictors for the cryoresistance of bull ejaculates


                                    Poster GEG28 - Lian Yu
                                    Assessment of the need to purify ejaculates for the RNA-Seq

                                    study of the pig sperm transcriptome


                                    Poster PP02 - Victoria Balasopoulou
                                    Hydrops of the fetal membranes is a well-known condition in

                                    ruminants. Case report: Hydrallantois in a 5-year old Alpaca


                                    Poster PP09 - Ali Kazemian
                                    Antigestagen-mediated effects in decidualized canine uterine

                                    stromal cells: decidualization markers, extracellular matrix

                                    and progesterone receptors

                                    PP21 - Miguel Tavares Pereira
                                    Immune signaling in the canine placenta during natural and

                                    antigestagen-induced parturition


                                    OT06 - Ricarda Hackfort
                                    Cat breeders’ habits regarding breeding management and

                                    contraception – results of an online survey


Thursday, February 11


09:00                     Welcome and Introduction, Prof. Bollwein, UZH


09:15   Session 1: Genetics, Prof. Pausch, ETHZ

            Keynote 1: Ethical Concerns on Animal Breeding – 

                               whose Responsibility is it anyway?

                               P Kunzmann (Hannover, Germany)

10:00                      Quantitative variation of male fertility in Brown Swiss 

                               cattle is shaped by autosomal recessive loci

                         M Hiltpolt et al. (Zurich, Switzerland)

10:15                      Inherited zinc deficiency-like syndrome in Holstein cattle 

                               due to a loss-of-function mutation of 

                               IL17RA-transmembrane protein

                               M Sickinger (Giessen, Germany)

10:30                     Genomics to identify variants for semen quality traits of 

                               fresh and frozen-thawed semen in Stallions

                               B Löwe (Hannover, Germany)


10:45    Coffee break  


11:00   Session 2: Epigenetics, Dr. Giller, ETHZ

11:00   Keynote 2: Ageing from an epigenetic point of view

                         F von Meyenn (Zurich, Switzerland)

11:45                      Maternal behavior affected by Mifepristone
                               administration Sprague-Dawley rats

                               M Arriagada–Solimano, (Santiago, Chile)


12:00    Lunch Break


13:00   Session 3: Gametes, Dr. Scarlet, UZH

            Keynote 3The influence of environmental and lifestyle factors on
                               semen quality in Switzerland

                               R Rahban (Geneva, Switzerland)

13:45                      Effects of a deslorelin containing slow release implant
                               on testosterone concentrations, testicular
                               volume and semen quality in male beagle dogs within 

                               the first 5 months after treatment

                               S Stempel (Hannover, Germany)

14:00                     Non-target screening for characterization of chemicals in
                               human ovarian follicular fluid

                               I Hallberg (Uppsala, Sweden) 

14:15                      Loading equine oocytes with cryoprotective agents: 
                               spatial information captured with finite element analysis

                               S Içli (Hannover, Germany)

14:30                      Expression of the steroidogenic activity-related genes in
                               transplanted ovarian tissue treated with

                               platelet rich plasma (PRP) in rat

                         E Kautz (Warsaw, Poland)

14:45                     The preantral potential: gonadotropin and steroid 
                               receptor expression in early preantral 

                               ovarian follicles (domestic cat)

                               S Kehoe (Berlin, Germany)


15:00    Coffee break


15:15    Poster Sessions: Genetics, Epigenetics, 

             Gametes (GEG01-GEG29) / Stress and Reproduction (SR01-SR18), Dr. Meese, UZH


17:00    Session 4: FBF-Session, Dr. Klein, Bonn

17:00                      Bull specific differences in detached acrosomes 
                               after cryopreservation in bull semen

                               U. Jakop (Schönow, Germany)

17:15                      Variability of cryopreserved bovine sperm quality and 
                               its fertility of a commercial AI station evaluated by 
                               flow cytometric assays

                               I Ibanescu (Zurich, Switzerland)

17:30                     Motility patterns of boar spermatozoa with cytoplasmic 

                               AM Luther (Hannover, Germany)

17:45                     Use of liquid semen leads to higher pregnancy rates in 
                               cattle with delayed ovulations

                               M Wiebke (Schönow, Germany)



Friday, February 12, 2021


08:00  Session 5: Stress and Reproduction, Prof. Bleul, UZH 

           Keynote 4: Modulation of equine parturition by external 

                               challenges and environmental factors - A review

                         Ch. Nagel (Neustadt/Dosse, Germany)

08:45                     Endocrine disrupting potential of polybrominated 

                              diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) on androgen receptor
                               signaling: a structural insight

                               IA Sheikh (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia)

09:00                     Effect of endometrial inflammation at the time of 
                               insemination on the subsequent fertility in dairy cows

                               K. Wagener (Wien, Austria)

09:15                     L-lactate effects might be mediated via the G protein 

                               coupled receptor HCAR1 in bovine theca cells

                               A Baufeld (Dummerstorf, Germany)


09:30                     Coffee break  


09:45  Session 6: Other topics, PD Bauersachs, UZH

09:45                      The role of HIF1α-stabilizing factors in STAR-dependent
                               steroidogenesis in granulosa cells of mice

                               T Gysin (Zurich Switzerland)

10:00                      Cellular and molecular characterization of four canine 
                               doxorubicin-resistant prostate cancer cell lines

                               EM Packeiser (Hannover, Germany)

10:15                      Elevated beta-Hydroxybutyrate levels affect physiology
                               of bovine endometrial gland cells in vitro

                               K Kraushaar (Hannover, Germany)

10:30                      Oral treatment with propylene-glycol during follicular 

                               maturation benefits the bovine corpus luteum

                               P Papa (Zurich, Switzerland)


10:45                     Coffee break  


11:00    Session 7: Reproduction in Zoo and Wildlife Species, Prof. Clauss, UZH

             Keynote 5: Recent Advances in Fertility Preservation for
                               Wild Animal Species

                         P Comizzoli (Washington, DC, USA)

11:45                     Uterus masculinus in reindeer (Rangifer tarandus L.) 

                         – normal or exceptional?

                              Sz Nagy (Maaninka, Finland)


12:00                     Lunch Break


13:00                      Poster Sessions: Pregnancy and Parturition (PP01-PP20) / 
                               Other topics (OT01-OT27), Dr. Meese, UZH

                               => Posterhalls


14:30   Session 8: Pregnancy and Parturition, Prof. Kowalewski, UZH

            Keynote 6: The steroid metabolome of pregnancy in 

                               Perissodacyla, Cetartiodactyla and Carnivora

                               A Conley (Davis, CA, USA)

15:15                      Cell type-specific response of the endometrium 
                               of pregnant mares to the presence of an embryo 
                               during the period of maternal recognition of pregnancy: 
                               a spatial transcriptomic analysis

                         A Rudolf-Vegas (Zurich, Switzerland)

15:30                     Morphological characterization of trophoblast giant 

                               cells- Preliminary data obtained from bovine 


                               L Tiedje (Hannover, Germany)

15:45                      Inverse regulation of MX1 gene expression after 
                               challenge with interferon 
τ compared to interferon α 

                               in bovine endometrial explants

                               MM Meyerholz (Munich, Germany)


16:00                     Coffee break


16:15                     Poster Prices and End of the Conference, Proff. Kowalewski and Bollwein, UZH