Thanks to all 216 participants of the “February Conference 2015” for your contributions to the

48th Annual Conference Physiology and Pathology of Reproduction

and simultaneously

40th Joint Congress of Veterinary and Human Medicine (February Conference 2015)

Zurich, Switzerland, 11th – 13th February 2015

48. Jahrestagung Physiologie und Pathologie der Fortpflanzung

und gleichzeitig

40. Veterinär-Humanmedizinische Gemeinschaftstagung (Februartagung 2015)

Zürich, Schweiz, 11. – 13. Februar 2015

General theme:

Physiology and Pathology of female and male reproduction

Main topics:

  1. Genetics, Genomics, Biochemistry
  2. Gametes
  3. Cycle, Gravidity and peripartum period
  4. Periconceptional programming
  5. Biotechnologies of reproduction
  6. Metabolic (im)balance and fertility
  7. Inflammation and fertility

Invited speakers

  • Claire Wathes, UK: “Metabolic Stress in Ruminants“
  • Klaus Steger, Gießen, D: “Sperm epigenome: paternal contribution to the embryo”
  • Mats Troedsson, Lexington, Kentucky, USA: “Mating-induced endometritis: physiology or pathology?“
  • Anne Navarrete Santos, Halle a.d. Saale, D: “Mechanisms of metabolic and hormonal adaptation in preimplantation embryos - or how the embryo survives a diabetic pregnancy”


PhD Student’s und Postdoc Competition sessions

Satellite symposia (at Animal Clinics, VetSuisse Faculty, University of Zurich):

  • 11.02. 3-8pm Horse reproduction
  • 14.02. 8.30am-17.45pm Dairy cow fertility

Supporting Organizations of the February Conference:

Local organization

Prof. Dr. Susanne E. Ulbrich and PD Dr. Stefan Bauersachs
ETH Zurich
Animal Physiology, Institute of Agricultural Sciences

Prof. Dr. Heinrich Bollwein
University of Zurich
Clinic for Reproductive medicine, Vetsuisse Faculty


PD Dr. Stefan Bauersachs
Tel.: +41 44 632 26 31